"Great Lawns & Beyond were very professional and did an excellent job with our backyard. Their service is on point, and they brought a welcoming atmosphere when working around the house. Would definitely recommend for anyone in greater Vancouver area. Thanks again and keep up the work!" -Allan Wu

"Cory and his team have overhauled both my front yard and backyard. I am so happy coming home to beautiful lawns and outdoor living spaces now. I highly recommend Great Lawns & Beyond and have been happy to pass their number on to many of my friends!" -Jessica Blumel

Full Backyard Renovation

We just finished this beautiful backyard in the Norgate area! We did a full brand new sod install, installed a clean level for the trampoline to sit on, as well as landscape edging and garden beds. We put paving stones and beautiful rock around the edges of the property.

Beautiful Lawn   Fresh Cut   Fresh Cut  
Fresh Cut   Ready for Summer   Fresh Cut

Small Front Yard Grass Replacement

Freshly equipped with 100% Microclover.

Beautiful Lawn   Fresh Cut   Ready for Summer

Chafer Beetles

This customer had the worst chafer beetle infestation we have seen since we have been in business. We removed the grubs, replaced their soil and put in new grass. It turned out great!

Beautiful Lawn   Fresh Cut  

Brand New Sod & Border

Fresh Cut  Fresh Cut  Fresh Cut  

Gravel Driveway

Beautiful Lawn   Fresh Cut  Fresh Cut  

Limestone Driveway Extension

Limestone   Driveway  Finished Extension  

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