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General Questions | Lawn Maintenance

Yes. We're happy to provide detailed estimates that are customized for your property. Our quotes are done in sections that are easy to understand and can be modified as requested.
We proudly serve all North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Deep Cove and Sea to Sky.
No. We don't charge for simple designs.
Yes. We might be able to accommodate requests for other areas like Vancouver, Burnaby and surroundings. Usually we charge travel time. Call us for inquiries.
Yes. Design work is a billable services, as it involves custom planning and time. But we offer a price reduction when designing a large scale project. Design fees are always clearly communicated prior to commencement.
Great Lawns & Beyond hires the best. Our team is trustworthy and highly trained.
Absolutely. We're insured and in excellent standing with Work Safe BC and Best Business Bureau.
As of now we accept payments in Cash, Cheque or E-transfer. Credit Card payments coming soon.
We try to accommodate as many personal schedules as possible. However, because of the nature of our work, we cannot anticipate situations that pop up, traffic, weather, etc. We will attempt to fulfill your specific request but we can't guarantee the same day an time every week.
Your should aerate in the Spring (April/May), and the Fall (October/November).
At minimum you should fertilize 2x a year. But you can fertilize in Spring, Fall, and Winter.
Hedge trimming should be done after spring growth has stopped, and any heavy pruning of shrubs/trees should be done in late fall or early spring.
The best way to keep the beetle away is prevention. \They will not target thick, green, healthy and lush lawns. So make sure you keep your lawns aerated, fertilized, limed, not cut too short, and most importantly WATERED regularly. Don't let it dry out!
If is too late, you have some options:
Rip out your grass and put in Artificial Turf
Rip out and replace your grass with new sod/soil & seed.
Spray Grub Killer on your lawn.
Put down nematodes in the summer.
You can apply it at any time.
You can put a new lawn at any point in the year. Ideally March-October has the best growth for new sod.
Seeded lawns should be installed late March-September at most, otherwise the seed could not germinate.
Yes. We're specialized on Outdoors Projects. Call for a FREE estimate.
Yes. Great Lawns & Beyond provide grounds maintenance for North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Deep Cove and Sea to Sky.
Yes. Contact us for a free estimate.
We are happy to work at hourly rates, or provide written estimates.
We prune to a height of 5 meters. We take great care to use clean and sharp pruning equipment. We prune to maximize the natural growth habit and seasonal interest of any plant.
We will take your overgrown property and transform it into a neat, tidy and clean garden with great curb appeal.
We offer a great range of hardscaping/construction services, almost everything. We also accommodate special projects. Please contact us for more information and a free estimate.
We provide FREE estimates for all projects. Call us today.
Yes. Please put any payments in an envelope with name, appreciated.
Yes, we constantly have Dump Runs happening. Give us a call and we'll add you in the schedule asap.
While our prices are lower then most all medium to large companies if you look hard enough, you could find some small crews that work for cheaper. Some things you should consider before going with the cheapest quote you find:

Is bobs landscaping company insured? Do they carry WCB coverage?
If not you would be liable for injuries on your property.
Does Bob's landscaping company have a good reputation and online presence? Do they hire local highly skilled staff? Do they pay their staff a fair wage? Do they do the work properly? Probably not.
So no, therefore we can not match every tom dick and harry rag tag landscaping company and nor will we try. We do not compromise and compete on quality of work and our customer service.
We will give you a ballpark price either over the phone or by e-mail. We will commence work asap and will send you the bill reflecting fairly hours or cost plus.
In order to corroborate for a faster estimate, you can send photos of your project and measurements. Rather then scheduling an estimate visit first.
Yes, we deliver and install.
Don't worry, that's a sign of healthy soil !