The right turf can make your yard look as appealing as ever. Long lasting sod that keeps your yard looking immaculate.

Removing Existing Lawn:

If you are replacing or repairing an existing lawn the first thing you need to do is remove the existing grass. This will prevent you from having an excessive organic layer in your soil and potentially poor drainage. You may wish to use a weed killer if your existing lawn contains unwanted grasses, to prevent them from coming into your new lawn. To remove the existing lawn, use a sod cutter or roto-tiller and remove the old grass to an off-site location.


Start fresh with your lawn and install sod; but leave the hard work to us. With supervisors certified in turf management, GLB  is the right choice when it comes to the landscape of your home. To lay sod successfully, it is important to prepare in advance. Advanced preparation, prior to installing your sod, will make all the difference to the quality of your lawn. Failure to bring in enough topsoil will result in the lawn being unable to take root. Failing to prepare will result in a lawn that is uneven. Check out our previous work.


Water is a critical aspect of the growing in your new lawn, you want to avoid both over watering and under watering.  During warm weather you may need to start watering as soon as you have a section installed. Not watering enough will cause the sod to wilt and shrink, leaving gaps and dead spots. Over-watering will result in poor root establishment and potential die back and algae formation. Automatic sprinkler systems set on a timer can be a reason for over-watering, therefore regular monitoring of the water requirements are key.  During the initial couple of weeks check by lifting up a corner of the sod and evaluate the moisture level and then water accordingly. It is recommended to water lightly and frequently initially and then as the roots take hold then go to a heavier and less frequent watering program. The initial program may be watering for about 10 minutes 2 or 3 times per day; during the daytime. As soon as the sod is rooted in, it is recommended to avoid day time watering but water early in the morning instead. Check out our Irrigation Services 

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