Open Positions:

Great Lawn’s & Beyond ltd. is a fun young company looking for motivated hard workers who have a great attention to detail. We need high performing staff who won’t stop until every job is looking perfect. We are all super easy going but like to work hard, and like to surround ourselves with like minded people. Who wants to work with people who aren’t like that? We have a great group who likes to have a blast all summer long (Hello weekly Friday BBQ’s/beer!)

Great opportunities for experienced landscapers looking to grow in a new but RAPIDLY expanding company. Also a great summer job for students April-August.

Some of our perks include regular team bbqs, Coffee, Flexible, team parties, and lots of opportunities for growth.

All our work is on the North Shore, and we meet at our warehouse most mornings.

Please note that all offered wages will be based on experience.

Some of the jobs you may do:

Mow, Edge, aerate lawns.
Help with garden maintenance, weeding, trimming, raking, etc.
Do green waste trips, load and unload the vehicles.
Pickup and install soil, mulch, weed barrier, rocks, etc anything needed
on site.
Plant hedges, flowers, shrubs.
Rake, blow, sweep and tidy sites.
Help the crew leader with anything else we need you to help with!
Have a positive can-do attitude, and willing to work outside in both the
beautiful hot sun, and the rain!

Where to go from here? Can move into a Landscaping Crew leader.

Landscaper Crew Leader
Some of the jobs you may do:

Everything a Landscaper would do and more:
Manage at least 1 landscaper with you, possibly larger crews on larger jobs.
Ensure 100% customer satisfaction on all jobs, all sites are tidied up and done correctly every time.
Clock into the time-sheets and track your hours and the job sites completions and notes.
Trim, prune and shape plants for health and appearance.
Diagnose and treat pests, fungus and diseases.
Plant and lawn fertilization and let the company know what the sites needs done.
Monitor vehicles and equipment for repairs and maintenance.
Ensure gardens are thriving and earn referrals from new clients.
Delegate tasks, supervise, and coach crew members for skills and knowledge improvement.
Liaison directly with operations manager, owner, and or office manager and the customers to make sure the sites are done correctly.

Where to go from here? Lots of growth within a Landscaping Crew Leader role, but after that, it would be department head (Lawns, Regular contracts, etc) for Maintenance.


Set levels and prepare site per plans and/or instruction from Crew Leader.
Edging, gravel, mulching, weed barrier, and other ”softscaping”.
Pickup materials and deliver and install anything your crew leader needs you to do.
Learn to install: Artifical turf, pavers, patios, walkways, retaining walls, fences, decks, etc. Anything landscape construction related.
Intermediate plant placement/design, and layout abilities will be learned.
Required: Ability to work hard in all conditions doing heavy lifting at times.

Big plus: carpentry, hardscape and masonry skills.

Hardscaping Crew Leader

Experience running small to medium sites is required.
Handle employees and laborers under you.
Order and organize deliveries/materials as needed.
Run small & medium sized sites easily from start to finish and communicating between owners of sites, and Great Lawns admin site to ensure all sites being finished correctly.
Sky is the limit in this role for you.

Required basic carpentry skills, but higher level hardscape/masonry skills needed.



7:30AM – 8:00PM (Mon-Fri)
8:00AM – 5:00PM (Sat-Sun)



7:30AM – 8:00PM (Mon-Fri)
8:00AM – 5:00PM (Sat-Sun)